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We have written a Perth Guide on some of the Suburbs in the intercity.


A Guide Covering The Many Suburbs That Make Up Perth, Australia

Australia’s’ fourth most popular city, Perth is made up of 30 different council areas, and has 250 suburbs! It sits on the banks of the Swan River From the south we have Singleton and all the way up to Two Rocks in the north. Inland to the east lies The Lakes and then outside the main CBD are the lively urban centers like Freemantle, Joondalup and Armadale. Most of it’s metropolitan area is on the land area between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Range – called the Swan Coastal Plain.

1. Between Perth and the Indian Ocean is the “Western Suburbs.” Many landmarks and tourist attractions are in this area, and it also has the highest income area of Perth.

2. Over in the “Eastern Suburbs” is the majority of light industry zones. Some of the regions main roads criss-cross through from to the east, making it a much more populated area with public transport and more job opportunities.

3. Along the stretch from Northbridge to Joondalup is the “Northern Suburbs.” This area is mostly based along the coastal edge, an d many new housing estates and developments have gone in, and continue to expand.

4. The majority of people in Perth live in the “Southern Suburbs.” This area extends from Belmont in the east, Armadale in the south east, Kwinana in the south west and Freemantle in the west. Most of the homes in these areas were built before the 1970’s and are well-established properties.

5. Further over to the north and south, away from the city area is commonly called the “Mortgage Belt” and not as heavily populated. Interesting fact – The greater region of Perth enjoys more daytime sunlight than any other city in Australia!

While there are many, many other suburbs within Perth, Australia, these main regions are among the most popular. So wherever you are from in Perth, give us call today to talk about your concreting needs.