Our team has years of experience doing garage and house slabs. Working to our usual high standard, our crew are experts at doing the formwork and using specialized concrete pumps that house and garage slabs need.

We work with the owner, builder or property manager, and then organise all materials, equipment and labour needed to get the planned project done to perfection, and on time.

Garage Slabs :

Putting down a slab for a domestic garage is typically a smaller job. They need to be finished with what we call a ‘helicopter trowel’ to achieve a smooth surface. We have all the machinery for work like this, and all the experience with our team!

Waffle Slabs:

These have gotten very popular as more and more property developments are going in. They appeal to volume builders as they are able to be put down much faster than traditional slabs, although they don’t have the same strength of traditional slabs.

Raft Slabs:

These type of slabs need excavation at the start, so that sand pads can be packed down to achieve the required height. Then plastic and steel reinforcing bars is laid down. Dimensions need to be exact, and triple checked for the final boxing is done before the slab pour.